Infuse™ by Casabella®, a New Eco-Conscious Cleaning System, Launches on Kickstarter

The Infuse™ System is comprised of a refillable spray mop, reusable spray bottles and concentrated cartridges with powerful, non-toxic cleaning formulas

(New York City, NY, June 5, 2019) Today, Infuse™ by Casabella® launches its eco-friendly cleaning system, that was designed to reduce single-use plastic containers & provide a non-toxic way to clean. This system is comprised of a sleek, refillable spray mop, reusable spray bottles and non-toxic concentrated cleaning cartridges.

“The Infuse cleaning system is a truly feel-good way to clean your house from top to bottom,” said Casabella founder Bruce Kaminstein. “The reusable spray bottles make for less oversized bottles that wind up in landfills and the recyclable, concentrated cleaning cartridges are filled with powerful, bio-based formulas that are non-toxic. The machine-washable microfiber cloth pads for the mop also eliminate the need to purchase costly disposable refills.”

To use the Infuse Spray Mop, users simply fill the mop SmartRefill™ bottle with water, insert their favorite concentrated cleaning cartridge, attach a microfiber pad and they are ready to clean their home. To use the Infuse Spray Bottles, users simply fill a SmartRefill™ bottle with water, insert their favorite concentrated cleaning cartridge, and the easy-pull trigger with a strong pump will do the rest.

The Infuse concentrated cartridges use a bio-based SaferShine™ formula that is free from harmful chemicals and safer to use around kids and pets than most traditional cleaners. The cartridges come in different scents, such as herbal lemongrass and tangy clementine, and offer different formulas for all purpose, bath, glass and floor cleaning.

A subscription service will be available for recurring shipments of cartridges, as well as the microfiber pads, that arrive right at a person’s door. Users will be able to choose between recurring shipments every two or three months.

The refillable Infuse Spray Mop, along with one reusable spray bottle and two disposable cartridges, is currently available on Kickstarter for $26, or over 40% off of the retail price. For more information on how to view or back the campaign, please visit

About Casabella®

In 1988, Bruce Kaminstein fell in love with a mop. He was in Italy, on vacation from managing the family hardware store on the Lower East Side of Manhattan. It was at an international design show that Bruce first saw this elegantly designed cleaning tool. He knew that his customers at the hardware store would appreciate the quality and also the beauty of this well-crafted mop. He ordered a full container load and had them shipped back to New York. The success of the beautiful and functional Italian mop led Bruce on a mission to create well - designed cleaning tools that looked as well as they performed. He built a team of talented designers and started Casabella, a name inspired by the auspicious trip that started it all.

Through innovation, commitment and passion, Casabella designs and delivers functional and unique products to make the world a cleaner place. For more information, visit